Bathtub object

Rijnland water board

Keep the pond clean.

You can recognize a healthy pond by clear water. You will see various water plants and fish such as pike, roach and tench. And there are various aquatic creatures such as beetles, bugs, snails, caddis flyers and dragonfly larvae. Bread, leaves and dog poo provide nutrient-rich water in the pond. That sounds good, but too much food in the water is not good for some animals and plants. The water becomes cloudy and the oxygen content in the water decreases. This causes the pond to smell and fish to die.

Twist the taps!

Do you know how to ensure a clean pond? Answer the questions at the back and turn the taps! Besides this bathtub object with the taps, we also created another concept where the visual changed by sliding the lever at the bottom of the board. Ultimately, we opted for this concept so that we can clearly use yes / no questions.

Design | Realisation | Result

Concept sketch - Answer the questions, turn the taps and keep the bathtub clean.

Design | Realisation | Result

Construction of the object. 

Visuals of the questions, the clear pond and the dirty pond.

Close-up of the questions

Design | Realisation | Result

Placement of the interactive sign.

Epilogue :)

We went looking for a fun, interactive variation of the 'no feeding the ducks' sign that can already be found in many parks. By visualizing the different states of a pond and having the park visitors think about the desired behavior at a pond, we hope that the information will stick longer and the pond will remain healthy.

De koek is op! Aah dat is jammer he.Maar je kan natuurlijk alles nog een keertje bekijken en heb je al onze projecten al bekeken? Ja?

Tsja dan voor nu gewoon even geduld hebben, we zetten er vast binnenkort wel weer iets nieuws op!


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam

Unit D1.115.2

Growing ideas




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