Illustration at the Orihouse

Ouwehands Dierenpark

How tall are you compared to an ape?

We have drawn three ape species for Ouwehands Zoo to demonstrate how big these apes are in relation to each other and to humans. For example, a male Bornean orangutan has an average wingspan of 2.50m, a male Western lowland gorilla has a wingspan of 2.30m and a Bonobo male measures an average of 1.80m from fingertip to fingertip with arms spread

Next to each other or behind each other?

With 3 wingspans of about 2 meters each, a life-size illustration of the three apes next to each other became almost impossible. That is why we decided to put the apes in a row one after the other. Great to take a picture with and put yourself in front of it!

Design | Realisation | Result

Concept sketch - The gorilla, orangutan and bonobo ape next to each other. 

Design | Realisation | Result

Unfortunately, the wall where the illustration will be is 'only' 3.50m.

A detail of the orangutan illustration. 

Design | Realisation | Result

You can now discover for yourself where you end up  in this list.

Epilogue :)

Education does not always have to be difficult. This (ok, it is somewhat subjective) beautiful illustration, for example, has taught our Johannes that it takes 4 Johannesses next to each other with spread arms to match the span of a Bonobo.

De koek is op! Aah dat is jammer he.Maar je kan natuurlijk alles nog een keertje bekijken en heb je al onze projecten al bekeken? Ja?

Tsja dan voor nu gewoon even geduld hebben, we zetten er vast binnenkort wel weer iets nieuws op!


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam

Unit D1.115.2

Growing ideas




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