Nature expo 'Forester's heart' 

Staatsbosbeheer / Visiter's center 't Leesten

Visit the forester!

A new visitor center has been built in the Veluwe, 't Leesten. We have developed and arranged a permanent exhibition for this visitor center. We see the information center as a visit to the forester. You step into the world of the forester and experience nature like the forester. Use the 'bospas' at the interactive objects to learn about the nature around you.

Glow in de dark

In addition to all kinds of very technical objects in the exhibition, we also used a technique that made us feel like kids again. For example, a UV flashlight must be used in one of the objects to spot glowing elements.

Design | Realisation | Result

Concept sketch - Tree tubes.

Design | Realisation | Result

Panorama part 1. Part 2 is located on the right in the shop.

Applying directional and content-imparting floor stickers.

Forester's hut with map, scroll, jargon test and smell test.

Design | Realisation | Result

Multiple choice 'bospas'-cabinets at the Calling Nature object and the odor test.

Task panel of the audio tube. 


The 'bospas', the tool to experience the exhibition. Check your answers and activate experiences with the 'bospas'.

Scanographic: On the road with the forester and the 24-hour-in-nature tube.

Forester's hut with the spore test and the wolf information panel.

Epilogue :)

With great pleasure we designed the exhibition line with our mission to inspire young and old, with interaction, education, information and design, in a surprising way for all the beautiful things the world has to offer. Visit the exhibition and the beautiful area of the Veluwe and let us know what you thought. We would love to hear from you!

De koek is op! Aah dat is jammer he.Maar je kan natuurlijk alles nog een keertje bekijken en heb je al onze projecten al bekeken? Ja?

Tsja dan voor nu gewoon even geduld hebben, we zetten er vast binnenkort wel weer iets nieuws op!


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam

Unit D1.115.2

Growing ideas




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