Rhinoceros education 


The state of the Indian rhinoceros

Peerdrops has realized various educational elements for a new Indian rhinos enclosure. The rhino is not doing well and through these objects you get knowledge of the reasons why and tools to do something yourself.. 


For example, we made an object where the influence of humans in Asia, but also in the Netherlands, is made visible, we learn about invasive plant species and we gain knowledge about animals that live there too such as the Visaya Warthog and the Hog Deer.

1 Styrofoam ball represents 1 rhinoceros

In the enclosure itself it has been made very tangible how things are going with the various types of rhinoceroses: We have filled tubes with balls of styrofoam. Each ball represents 1 rhino. Some cartridges are almost empty ... So there's work to be done!

Design | Realisation | Result

Concept sketch - layout of one of the objects. The illustrations were provided by Dierenrijk.

Ontwerp | Bouw | Resultaat

the design of the route object

The design of the 'Help out a hand' object.

Learn about the rhino's threats.

Design | Realisation | Result

How are you going to lend a hand?

The various educational object can be found along the route.

Spin the circles to learn more about these special animals.

It is clear from these tubes that the rhinoceros needs us. 

Epilogue :)

Is it then only doom and gloom? Obviously not! Organizations such as the Wildlife Foundation offer many opportunities to help these species. We have also made a money spinner in which you can donate. This money is directly used for the conservation of these beautiful species.

De koek is op! Aah dat is jammer he.Maar je kan natuurlijk alles nog een keertje bekijken en heb je al onze projecten al bekeken? Ja?

Tsja dan voor nu gewoon even geduld hebben, we zetten er vast binnenkort wel weer iets nieuws op!


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam

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