Interactive object 'Madagascar'

ZooParc Overloon

The great dangers of Madagascar!

Sadly Madagascar is no longer that green jungle we saw in the animation film. Many animal and plant species, which are only found in Madagascar, are threatened with extinction due to deforestation and the pet trade, among other things.

How does it work?

The design and operation of the sign have been specially developed for this project. The deterioration of the island can be viewed step by step by sliding the lever under the sign to the side. 

Design | Realisation | Result

Concept sketch - Sign with the lever.. 

Design | Realisation | Result

The sign being build.

The different stages of the descent of the island.

There are 4 great dangers to the plant and animal species on the island. 

Design | Realisation | Result

The object being placed in ZooParc Overloon. 

The final result.

Epilogue :)

For us, this project was another interesting assignment. We've had multiple design for the object and how we were going to use the interactivity. We found out that construction wise these design were very difficult, read impossible, to create. So we had to figure out an easier way to show the regression the island. It's the first time we used this technique and we are quite happy with the results.  

De koek is op! Aah dat is jammer he.Maar je kan natuurlijk alles nog een keertje bekijken en heb je al onze projecten al bekeken? Ja?

Tsja dan voor nu gewoon even geduld hebben, we zetten er vast binnenkort wel weer iets nieuws op!


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam


Stationsplein 45

3013 AK Rotterdam

Unit D1.115.2

Growing ideas




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